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FPL tips – why to use them? is the site providing the best FPL tips out there. Our feed tracker is searching for fresh updates 24/7 and listing valuable resources you can use to improve your Fantasy Premier League success. But, why should you use Fantasy Premier League tips written by other people?

The most obvious reason is the fact that nobody has time to watch all Premier League matches. Even if you’d be a professional football analyst, it takes a lot of time and effort to go through ten matches each round and analyse player performances. It’s much smarter to divide the work between ten people, who each focus on one match. Or… why not let dozens of people watch the games and read their opinions?

It is also good to get other views on players. We all have biases towards different teams and players. You don’t watch your favourite team the same way you are watching some random uninteresting match. Your views become easily too black and white when it’s about your favourite team and favourite players. Few mistakes turn into a “horrible performance” and one lucky shot is the “goal of the year”.

Manchester City Etihad Stadium
If you are a Manchester City fan, it might be sometimes difficult to watch their performances objectively.

It takes a lot of practice and analysing skills to become totally unbiased in analysing football. Even professionals can’t do it completely. Hence, it’s very useful to read match reports and player analyses written by other people as well. Especially if they are seasoned FPL veterans and you are a newbie yourself. You’ll get very useful insights you might not have paid attention otherwise. Reading FPL tips can also give you fresh ideas. Maybe you find some useful statistics, you haven’t looked into before?

I am not saying that you should follow Fantasy Premier Leauge tips blindly just because they are written by some experienced guru. That’s not the point at all! They are just views by other people, additional and sometimes very useful information. Read what argument others are using and weight them against your own views. Sometimes you get confirmations that you are right and sometimes you just decided to disagree with everyone regardless!

We also recommend following these resource websites on Twitter! That is the best social media platform for FPL discussion.

Fantasy Premier League tips – how they can improve your results

Let’s say you decide to follow tips from sites listed on this page. What difference can they make to your FPL performances? The sky is the limit, really! It all depends on how you are using these tips. You have to be smart and find relevant information, which you can bring into your own analyses.

Choosing the team captain is one of the easiest examples of using Fantasy Premier League tips. Many sites have polls, where they ask from readers who they’d pick for next week’s captain. These selections can help make you decide if you are in-between two or three players (as you usually are). You can also use these polls to know which captain selections could be nice differentials.

valioliiga de bruyne sterling fantasyfutis

Injury information is another good example of FPL tips. There are often cases, where players have 50% or 75% status for the upcoming round. Is your favourite player going to start, come off the bench or miss the game entirely? Read what others think after managers have had press conferences on Thursday. These decisions could make or break your season in the long run.

You might also learn to use new tools. Don’t forget our own FPL Fixture Difficulty Tracker either, which is just a click away! This is an invaluable tool, which has unique probabilities for the next six gameweeks. By using our Fixture Tracker, you are following numbers that your competitors probably aren’t. This will give you an edge you have been looking for.

We also recommend following Fantasy Premier League tips from podcasts! There is so much more information one can pack to a 45-60 minute podcast compared to one article. You will get tons of useful FPL tips for players in a podcast form, which you can listen anywhere. Finally, don’t forget to follow the Fantasy Premier League discussion on Reddit!

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