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Fantasybet is one of the leading daily fantasy football platforms in Europe. If you are not familiar with this site from before, please check our Fantasybet review for more information. Fantasybet has introduced a new exciting format for the 2019/2020 season. It’s called Fantasy Divisions.

Fantasy Divisions is a new season game format

Fantasybet has brought something new to the season-long game format. Every active player knows the root problem existing on FPL and any other season-long game. It is the fact that most people give up playing after a couple of months. One or two bad rounds happens, you forget to update your squad etc. And then it’s game over in the overall tournament and even in your mini-leagues.

What if the season game would be split to shorter tournaments, which would guarantee motivation for every round? Fantasybet has done just this. Here is a short video about it:

The format is quite simple.

A season starts with two qualifying rounds. After these, each manager will be placed on a division based on the score achieved. Then a full season starts, which consists of nine four-week-long tournaments. After each season, the best teams will be promoted and the worst ones will be relegated.

Scores will be reset after each miniseason. This means you have equal chances again even if you’d forget to update your team or just mess up some other way couple of game weeks.

The best thing: there’s £50,000 up for grabs throughout the 2019/2020 season! Higher you finish, more you win. As simple as that. The tournament entry is just £5,50.

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