Fanteam review

fanteam review

Fanteam has become the leading daily fantasy site in Europe. It’s nowadays part of the Scout Gaming Group network, which is growing fast every year. This is a Fanteam review. We’ll guide you through the essential features and give our recommendation of the site.

Fanteam was originally born as WooFBet

Fanteam has been in the daily fantasy business for several years. It started originally as WooFBet at 2013 and re-branded to Fanteam in the summer of 2015. The founders of company are from Norway.

WooFBet offered daily fantasy tournaments in the English Premier League and UEFA Champions League. When the site was re-branded to Fanteam, it started to grow quickly. More football leagues and ice-hockey were introduced during the 2015/2016 season.

Fanteam has always been a strong player in Scandinavian market by offering Norwegian, Swedish and Finnish football leagues. The Finnish hockey league is also very popular.

The site is now part of the Scout Gaming Group, which is a public company listed at Nasdaq OMX Stockholm. Scout has currently 60 employees and offices in Norway, Sweden, Ukraine and Malta. The company has both UK and Malta gaming licenses.

Scout enables Fanteam to be part of a bigger network. You can play daily fantasy at Bethard and join the same tournaments, which are offered at as well. A growing network means more players and higher prize pools in the future.

Fanteam has grown a lot in the past few years. New sports such as golf and basketball have been introduced and tennis is coming up next. The prize pools have also become considerably larger: Premier League season game has a 100.000€ guaranteed pot for the 2018/2019 season!

Fanteam registration

Fanteam is a daily fantasy platform. If you aren’t familiar with the concept of daily fantasy, check this in-depth daily fantasy football guide first.

In short, it means playing fantasy football for real cash. The difference to the betting world is that you are play against other users, not the house. Fanteam only charges a 10% rake on top of the buy-in, just like in online poker.

The word daily refers to the length of tournaments, which can be anything from one weekend to one single match. The season game format is also there, but these are special one-time tournaments.

There are no monthly fees and the registration is free of charge as well.

>>> click here to register at Fanteam

Once you enter the site, click the green Register button from the top right corner. A registration form opens, where you can fill in your personal details. You’ll receive a confirmation e-mail after that. Click the link in the e-mail and you’re done!

Fanteam tournament selection

After signing in, you are directed to the tournament lobby. The idea is similar to online poker: each tournament has a different buy-in, prize pool and set of rules.

Fanteam lobby

You can filter the tournament list by sport, league, tournament status and tournament type. If you click football from the left menu, it shows you the different football leagues.

Move your mouse over the icons under the tournament name to get tooltips. Number in the grey box means the tournament budget is not the standard 100M. Green box with a number 5 or 6 inside it refers to 5-a-side and 6-a-side game formats. Black box with C or VC means no captain or vice-captain is needed.

Note the tabs above the tournament list. They will change the lobby contents in a following manner:

  • Fanteam is the default view. It includes all tournaments created by Fanteam. You’ll find all guaranteed prize pools from here and the tournaments follow certain standard set of rules each game week.
  • User-created tournaments are created by Fanteam users. Anyone can challenge their friends and create a tournament of their liking. Be aware, that user-created tournaments might have unusual rules.
  • Draft’n’go tab includes H2H and other tournaments with capped entries. If you to play H2H against another Fanteam user, this is the place to go. Entries are typically capped to six (6) players in other tournaments.
  • Prediction game is a format, where you predict the scores of football matches. This is closer to traditional betting and has no player selection.

If you want to create your own tournaments, it can be done from the tournament lobby. Note the big green buttons in the right sidebar. You’ll find the tournament rules below them.

Fanteam deposit and withdrawal

You need to make a deposit in order to play for money. There is a cashier icon in the top menu for that. After clicking the cashier icon, you’ll see page with all your previous transactions in it.

Click the green Deposit button and the following popup appears.

Fanteam supports all the typical deposit methods. I recommend using an e-wallet (Neteller, Skrill, PayPal). They are usually the easiest, fastest and the most reliable deposit methods on internet gaming sites. Withdrawals are also very fast.

There is no deposit bonus available right now. You can double-check the current situation by contacting the support first (there’s a chat available) before making a deposit. Fanteam has also re-load bonus offers roughly once a month.

You must go through a standard KYC process before withdrawing your money. Click the grey, round icon in the top right corner of the menu bar. A sidebar opens, where you’ll see a text in red saying Not Verified Yet. Click this link to open the KYC form.

How to play for money at Fanteam

Now it’s time to make some money! Go back to the tournament lobby after making your first deposit. Filter the tournament list to find out the games you like to play. Note: there are usually several buy-in options available for each tournament. You can select them by clicking the grey boxes in the Buy-in column.

fanteam team selection

Click the big green button titled Enter to participate a tournament. The number in parenthesis tells you the buy-in amount.

Now you’ll see the team creation page. Creating a squad is easy for anyone, who has played the official Fantasy Premier League, UEFA Fantasy or any other typical football fantasy games.

You have an empty squad, which must be filled with players under the given budget. In a typical full-round tournament the budget (100M) and player prices are close to FPL. The big difference is that you only need one substitution player.

Fanteam tournaments can be entered one minute before the first match beings. Hence, you can often confirm starting line-ups to Saturday’s 15.00 CET matches and there is no need for substitutions. Bench players are really needed for season games, where injuries and transfers play a part.

Fanteam supports all the standard formations 4-4-2, 4-5-1, 4-3-3, 5-4-1, 5-3-2, 3-5-2 and 5-2-3.

You can filter players by availability, team and position or enter a search phrase. Affordable is a very handy option. It shows only players, who fit in your remaining budget.

Remember to confirm your participation by clicking the big red ENTER TOURNAMENT button!

If you are inexperienced in fantasy football, check the following articles for tips. They are written for Fantasy Premier League (FPL), but the ideas can be used for Fanteam as well.

Fanteam player prices and other features

Fanteam has a unique way of pricing up the players, which differs them from competitors. The prices in daily fantasy tournaments are dynamic. This means that Sergio Aguero is very expensive (15-20M) in a match against a weak team at home. But if City travels to Liverpool, he might only cost like 8-9M.

Dynamic pricing might feel a bit weird at first, but it gives more realistic game experience. Static (or extremely slowly changing) prices are suited for season games. One gameweek tournaments should have prices based on the fixture difficulty.

Dynamic prices make the game a bit more difficult. Fixed prices will always make the list of good players short. Everyone will select players basically from the home favourites. You can’t do that with dynamic prices, because you’ll run out of budget. Hence, teams must be mixed more with cheaper players. This will reward the skilled players, who can pick some cheap gems from underdog teams.

There are also useful stats available from each team, which you’ll find from the top menu. Live results are updated very fast, which guarantees a nice gaming experience.

Fanteam doesn’t use OPTA or any other external data service. They use Scout Gaming Group’s own stats center, which covers every live match.

Fanteam rules and different game types

Fanteam scoring is easy to understand for anyone, who has played FPL before. Click support from the top menu to view detailed rules and scoring.

If we look at the normal football tournaments, there are couple of small differences to FPL.

  • There is an extra point for players, who are not substituted out. A full match is worth 3 points and not 2 like in FPL.
  • Fanteam gives -2 points for players, who cause a penalty kick or a freekick, which leads directly to a direct shot goal.
  • There is an additional +1 point for a player, if his team wins the period he played. There’s also a -1 point for a player, if his team loses the period he played.

This point system favours those players more, who play the whole match without ever being substituted. There are some strikers, who tend to get subbed out in the final 10-15 minutes. They will be missing one extra point.

Fanteam has also two different football formats called 5-a-side and 6-a-side. These formats are used in one-match tournaments, where the player pool is significantly smaller.

There is one useful thing you’d know of the team selection: there are fewer restrictions per position. You can select 5 defenders, 5 midfielders and 3 forwards. This means you can make a 5-a-side team out of 5 defenders or one forward and 4 defenders.

Fanteam offers also basketball and ice-hockey fantasy games. These sports have their own sets of rules, which can be found from the support page. Go through the scoring system carefully before playing.

Fanteam review – overall rating

Fanteam is the leading daily fantasy provider in Europe. The site has grown a lot in the past few years with the help of Scout Gaming Group. Fanteam is not a standalone site anymore, but part of the Scout network. This is a big advantage in terms of liquidity and prize pools.

Scout Gaming Group won the Fantasy Sports Supplier of the Year prize at 2017 EGR B2B awards. They have a solid product combined with an experienced team and fast-growing network. Betsson Group, ComeOn, Bethard Group and many more are using (and will be using) Scout’s fantasy platforms already.

Fanteam has all the features a fantasy enthusiast can ask for. There’s also a well-responding customer service combined with a chat. Fanteam works fine with a mobile device too.

If you want to turn your fantasy knowledge into cash, we recommend exploring Fanteam!

Fanteam vs competition

There are some differences between Fanteam and other European daily fantasy providers. The closes competitor is probably Fantasybet. Let’s compare some of the features these sites have.

Fanteam has currently a superior tournament selection. Fantasybet offers only football, while Fanteam has also ice-hockey, basketball and even golf. Soon we’d see even fantasy tennis. Fanteam offers also more football leagues than Fantasybet.

If we compare Premier League and Champions League, the tournament selection is quite similar on both sites. Fanteam has currently higher main event (20.000€ vs 10.000£), but smaller prize pools (single matches, Champions League) are quite equal.

Fanteam used to have a solid 200% deposit bonus, but that is not available right now. This is the biggest handicap compared to Fantasybet. There are also no weekly freerolls at Fanteam.

The scoring system is very similar. Both Fanteam and Fantasybet have taken their backbone of the system from FPL, which makes it easy for newcomers. There are some small differences in the football rules, but nothing major.

The biggest difference in game play comes from the player prices. Fanteam is using dynamic prices, as explained above. Fantasybet is using static prices. One could argue that dynamic prices make the game more professional and realistic. At the same time, static prices might be more newbie friendly. Each system offers a bit different advantage for hardcore players.

Fanteam has one major advantage over Fantasybet and any other competition, which is the Scout network. More sites will join it in the future, which will add players and grow prize pools further.

All in all, Fanteam offers a great gaming experience with lots of different sports and leagues to make money from!

>>> Try Fanteam today

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