This is the ultimate Fantasy Premier League fixture difficulty, tracker. The matrix describes the FPL fixture difficulty with numeric precision. No more outdated color codes based on some person’s subjective opinions. This matrix is updated weekly to reflect the current strengths of each FPL team. Use this information to get tips and analysis for the ultimate Fantasy Premier League fixture difficulty rotation.

Note! The fixture tracker is using a reduced home advantage for the June/July matches due to empty stadiums.

Expected Goals

The matrix shows how many goals each team is expected to score in each of the following six gameweeks. Read the numeric value as it is. For example, 1.85 means the team is expected to score exactly 1.85 goals in that match. The color codes give you a rough idea of what value is above (green) and what is below (red) average.  Teams are sorted by the total goal expectancy during the next six gameweeks. These numbers are based on an algorithm, which will price up each match based on a rating. The rating is evaluated and values re-calculated weekly.

Note: Injuries, suspensions, Eurocup fatigue, and other special circumstances are not included in these values (same goes for clean sheets).

Ultimate Fantasy Premier League Fixture Difficulty – Clean Sheets

The matrix shows the expected goal sheets from a match. Read the given value as it is, for example, 0.50 clean sheets from a match means practically 50% probability for a clean sheet as well. Note. The number might be close to 1 or even over 1 in the case of double-fixture gameweek. Then the probability is not 100% of course. If you see a 2X! sign just remember that exception. The color codes give you an idea of what percentage is above (green) and what is below (red) average. Teams are sorted by the total amount of clean sheets they are expected to get. This value is simply calculated by adding the probabilities together. These numbers are based on the same algorithm as expected goals above.

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