Knowledge is Power: Getting Fantasy Football Info from Unlikely Sources

Bookmakers have the type of resources us mere mortals can only dream of

The phrase in the title may be a cliché, but with most clichés – unlike 99% of football rumours on Twitter – they are very much based on fact. Knowledge really is power. It is what the bookmakers wield over the vast amount of punters. It is also the difference between winning your fantasy league and finishing mid-table. But just how do you arm yourself with that power? Read on.

It’s all about the differentials

Your go-to place for tips on all your fantasy football questions is of course right here. However, you can never have too much information, as long as it is the right kind of information, on which to base your decisions. The official Premier League Fantasy Football site has its own tip page – The Scout – as do several of the broadsheets and tabloids. The problem with those is that if you are just taking the same advice as everyone else in your league, it is not going to rocket you up the standings. It is the differentials, the players and teams who the majority of others have overlooked even if it is just for one or two weeks, that will do that.

If you can’t beat them…

We have alluded to the first of the sources already. The bookies’ one job is to accrue as much data and knowledge about the beautiful game as possible and have hundreds of professionals whose only job is to do just that. Surely, then, you should be taking advantage of that. Look at the odds for the forthcoming weekend. Which players have the shortest odds to score? Which are deemed the most likely to keep a clean sheet? To make things even easier for you some, such as Oddschecker, provide a weekly tip sheet on what their experts think will happen in the coming weekend’s games.

From the horse’s mouth

Use the football hive mind of the forums.

Modern technology has meant that football fans no longer need to wait until the game or the pub to spout their opinions to anyone who will listen about their team. Football forums took over from the fertile ground that fanzines created, and though they are filled with the usual circular arguments and groundless speculation that are their lifeblood, they also provide fantasy football managers with an invaluable resource. These are people who have lived and breathed their club for countless seasons. They know which players are in form, which has picked up that niggling injury or did not look up to it last time out. They know which teams they never score against or can’t help but beat. Cut through the crud and they really do offer a rich vein of information.

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