The biggest Fantasy Premier League season game has 250 000€ in prizes!


Fanteam is the leading daily fantasy sports website in Europe. It is part of the Scout Gaming Group network, which has also half a dozen other fantasy sites providing liquidity. Fanteam is hosting the biggest Fantasy Premier League season game you can find in Europe. The prize pool is 250 000 euros from which the winner takes 50 000 euros! If you make it to the top 20, you’ll earn a minimum of 1000 euros plus possible monthly and weekly prizes.

Information of Fanteam’s 250K season game

The season game at Fanteam is almost identical to the well-known format in FPL. You must choose an XI of your favourite players with four substitutions: one GK and three outfield players. After each gameweek, there is one free substitution you can make. Each new substitution will cost you -4 points for the following round.

The biggest difference is the absence of Bench Boost and Triple Captain chips. However, there is one wildcard available for the first half of the season and one for the second half, just like in FPL.

Scoring rules follow the FPL format, making it very easy to value players for all FPL fans. There are some small differences, so we recommend you to check them out before playing. Go to, click SUPPORT from the main menu and then Rules and Scoring ->Premier League 19/20 seasonal game. Many FPL fans might like the fact that the controversial bonus points are not given.

Player prices are almost identical to FPL, which is also positive. It’d be much more difficult to evaluate players after FPL, if Aguero cost 95 million, for example. Now you can even create exactly the same team to FPL and Fanteam season games!

Fanteam’s team creation screen looks even better than the one in FPL!

The basic rules of building a team are familiar to all FPL managers: you can have a maximum of three players from each team. You must also follow the traditional formations, so you can’t build a team using a 3-6-1 formation or anything other like that.

Let’s look at the season game prizes next. As mentioned earlier, the whole prize pool is simply amazing: 250 000 euros will be paid out to players! Here is the payout structure for the top positions:

  1. place: 50 000 €
  2. place: 25 000 €
  3. place: 12 000 €
  4. place: 8000 €
  5. place: 6000 €
  6. place: 5000 €
  7. place: 4000 €
  8. place: 3000 €
  9. place: 2000 €
  10. place: 1500 €

If the tournament gets full and reaches 12500 participants, prizes are given to 1250 managers! You only need to finish to top 10% if you want to win some money, which isn’t that difficult considering that most of the managers will simply give up the game after few bad rounds in the early stages.

The buy-in for the tournament is just 25 euros!

This season Fanteam is making the game more interesting even for those players who have no chance to win money from the traditional prize pool. There are also prizes being paid to the best manager of each month and each gameweek! All you need to do is have one perfect round out of 38 and you can get your investment back…and much more!

Fanteam has a very nice mobile version as well and you can make deposits and withdrawals fast using all traditional payment methods.

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