Why You Should Playing Soccer And Some Tips You Should Know

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Soccer can bring a lot of benefits not only the physical state but also mental health. This article will make clear all the advantages that soccer bring and some important notes for you.

People played soccer from many centuries ago, and now it’s become the team sport that has been favored by most people in the world. Many people thought this sport first appeared in England, but it’s not.

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The truth is the Chinese invented soccer in the 2nd century BC. At that time, this sport was a practice of the Han Dynasty army; the soldiers scrambled for a ball and tried to hit a goal made of silk cloth. FIFA recognized this hypothesis in 2004.

Everyone can join to play soccer; you don’t need to spend a lot of money on equipment like others such as baseball, tennis, basketball, etc.

Differently, you just need a circle ball, a yard and two landmarks are considered as goals, which is enough to have a good match with ten more persons.

Benefit of playing soccer

Increasing the endurance

Jogging and running continuously for 90 minutes at any intensity requires you to be work high stamina. Therefore, football players often have higher endurance limits than others.

Improving the cardiovascular health

Running in long distance is exercises that help improve your cardiovascular health; many doctors and experts have confirmed that jogging and running are the best and easiest ways to improve your heart.

soccer heart
Soccer is the best sport for your health.

But why it can affect your heart so perfectly?

As you may not know, the continuous movements can limit the formation of plaque in the coronary arteries, reduce blood pressure to your heart and burn excess calories in your body.
And on average, each player often runs or walk continuously at least 8 – 11 km in a match lasting about 90 minutes, that’s how the body works nonstop.

Besides, the changing in movements when you swing your arm and turning the head, making the heart’s function stable and enduring.

Playing soccer helps you increase muscle and reduce fat

Football is also aerobic exercise, helping the body burn calories and excess fat effectively. On average, each player will spend between 400 and 700 kcal per match.

This sport helps build muscle muscles as well as burning excess fat better than other types of games through the stimulation of fast-shrink muscle and slow-shrink muscle fibers.

Owning a sexy body by playing soccer.

You need to use the upper body you need to support the ball and to resist the collision with your team player. These activities often improve your muscle comprehensively by using the whole body during the game.

Playing soccer helps you to consume more calories than other activities because you are forced to use more energy produced through respiration.

Strengthen your bone

Usually, human bone strength and density will be reduced through the aging process.

However, if you played soccer regularly, you would have to spend a force to lift your whole weight during the game, this process is a great way to strengthen your skeleton.

Developing the coordination capabilities of body parts

During the match, players need to continually switch the way of running, jogging and even sprinting, so coordination skills are critical in football.

The coordination of body movements is improved through complex skills with the ball you perform. Besides, the coordination between hands and eyes is also enhanced when you kick or catch the ball from their teammates.

Promoting teamwork ability and relationship with friends or partners

In addition to personal benefits on your health, you will also be able to enjoy community benefits such as the ability to perform good teamwork.

Soccer is a meaningful social activity and physical activity. The vital benefit that football brings you to be close with friends, family and even to know new friends. There is no discrimination of gender, class, religion or any boundary in football.

Developing teamwork and relationship through soccer

During the game, you and your teammates can share a goal and help each other to achieve that goal. The teamwork ability and a good relationship are essential for you in life.

Improving brain function

Playing soccer helps increase concentration as well as your perseverance. This sport is a fast-paced sport, which means you need to make a quick decision on the field. Each time you think quickly like that, your brain will be improved.

Important note you should taking care when playing soccer

Playing sport improves your health, but it will make negative impacts if you don’t pay attention to these notes.

Choosing suitable costumes

When playing soccer, you often sweat a lot, so instead of choosing too tight or too secretive clothes that can damage your skin. You should select close made from fabric that can absorb sweat so that your body feels more comfortable.

People who often play soccer also need a pair of specialized shoes to run well on the pitch.

Choosing appropriate time to play

You should not play in the rain or when the weather is too hot, too cold, and at early morning or late evening. Your body can be shocked by changing of temperature between outside and inside your body.

The most appropriate time is at 9-10 am or 15-18 pm, which is when your body’s pace is high, muscles, circulatory system, the respiratory system is ready to work in high intensity.

Prepare before starting a game

Before starting a match, you should perform a few light movements so that the organs in the body can begin to do hard activities, gaining momentum and achieving high performance during exercise.

Ignoring the start step before playing the ball will make it difficult for players to exercise or to reduce endurance. Or in the worst case, you can get a cramp if you do not prepare well.

How to drink water while playing

During or after playing football, your body is consumed with a lot of energy; the internal organs are still in the process of returning to regular operation.

At that time, It’s dangerous if you immediately drink a lot of water, especially cold water. Because your stomach will be irritated and cause abdominal pain, and the burden on your heart will increase.

Drink water slowly.

Therefore, you should pay attention to taking small sips, drink slowly, take a break and then drink more water, avoid drinking rapidly and absorbing cold water.

Go to bath

Many people have a habit of taking a bath immediately after finishing working out, which is counteract science and can even damage yourself.

Because while playing sport, the amount of blood in the body concentrates on the limbs, so the blood doesn’t go through your body entirely.

Taking a bath right after finishing match will make you feel dizzy, nauseous, even increase your risk of some diseases.

To be safe, after playing any kinds of sport, you should take a break and then take a warm bath.

In conclusion,

Football not only helps you relax after a hard day’s work but can also improve both metal and physical health very well.

Make an appointment with your group or go to the park to play a soccer match, or you can go with your children to take advantage of the benefits of playing football! Let’s set down your phone and go outside.

If you want to have watched some pro soccer match in the world to get more fire in soccer spirit, you can go here.

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